Happy Xmas

Sorry for the absence, the last couple of months have been very intense for me. I have been committed to a book and exhibition project for my grandfather Sam Haskins for the last 2.5 years (mostly as a retoucher). The exhibition and press surrounding the event was a unequivocal success, I was there in NY to witness the tremendous celebration of this great artist and his work but unfortunately after his rock star moment in the the spotlight Sam died on November 26, 2009. You can read about it much more eloquently written by my dad here http://www.samhaskinsblog.com/ its been a shocking way for this project to end. I’m incredibly proud of my father’s super human efforts in helping to bring my grandfather such a massive success before the end of his life and I feel very lucky to have made a contribution to the three generation project.

I’m in Oz at the moment supporting my family but as things cool down I will clarify everything with prints etc.

Wishing everyone days filled with love and happiness over the holidays.